I have been carrying out a series of activities to present the results of my research to the public. Since I began working on the project in 2016, I have given public lectures and academic talks in different countries.

Public Lectures

    • Lecture Poster Canaan Limited“Canaan Limited: Canada in Slave and Neo-Slave Narratives.” Public Lecture in Honor of UK Black History Month, IBAR / MIDEX Seminar Series. University of Central Lancashire, 21/10/2020.
    • “Black Inter-American Mobilities and Autobiography in the Age of Revolutions (1760-1860).” English Department Lecture Series In Conversation and IBAR / MIDEX Seminar Series. University of Central Lancashire, 11/12/2019. See also the slides of this lecture: Intro Lecture Slides


Guest Lecture

    • “Black Mobilities in the 19th-Century Indigenous Borderlands.” University of Bremen, Germany, 20/05/2021.

University Teaching

I have integrated my research into (co-)teaching in the following modules / courses in English and American Studies at universities in Germany and the UK:

    • Graduate Seminar “Writing the Black Atlantic.” Bielefeld University, Germany, Winter Term 2020-21.
    • Undergraduate Module (Lecture and Seminar) “EN3008: Black Atlantic Writing.” University of Central Lancashire, UK, Spring Term 2020.
    • Undergraduate Seminar “In Slavery and Freedom: Early African American Autobiography.” University of Wuppertal, Germany, Winter Term 2016-17.
    • Undergraduate Seminar “Early African American Autobiography.” Bielefeld University, Winter Term 2014-15.
Bielefeld University main building
image: main building, Bielefeld University, Germany. (c) Astrid Haas 2017. All rights reserved.

Academic Conference Presentations

Introduction to the Project

    • Astrid Haas, “Black Inter-American Mobilities and Life Narratives in the Age of Revolutions.” 1st Conference, Network Black Americas. Bielefeld University, Germany, 20/1/2017.

Indian Captivity Narratives

    • Astrid Haas, “Writing Back from Indian Country: Forms of Mobility and Resistance in The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth.” 5th IAS Biennial Conference. University of Coim­bra, Portugal, 22-24/3/2018.
    • Astrid Haas, “Briton Hammon’s Narrative of Indian Captivity.” 12th Biennial CAAR Conference. University of Málaga, Spain, 13/6/2017.
    • Astrid Haas, “Black Rights and Mobilities in African American Narratives of Indian Captivity.” 4th Biennial IAS Conference. University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, 4/10/2016.
    • Astrid Haas, “John Marrant’s Narrative of Indian Captivity.” 10th Biennial MESEA Conference. University of Warsaw, Poland, 23/6/2016.

Slave Narratives

    • Astrid Haas, “To Canada and Beyond: Samuel Ringgold Ward’s Transborder Mobility and Activism.” 66th Annual BAAS Conference, online, 8/4/2021.
    • Astrid Haas, “Island (Im)Mobilities: Free and Coerced Movements in the Narratives of Ashton Warner and Mary Prince.” 44th Annual SCS Conference, online, 8/7/2021.
    • Astrid Haas, “Inter-American Mobility, Abolitionist Mobilization, and Black Empowerment in the Interesting Narrative of Mahommah Baquaqua.” 2nd Conference of the Network Black Americas. Bielefeld University, Germany, 18-19/10/2018.
    • Astrid Haas, “Black, Muslim, Brazilian, Slave? Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua’s Interesting Narrative and Its Challenges to Latinidad in the 21st Century.” 36th LASA International Congress. Barcelona,  Spain, 26/5/2018. See also a print version of the talk linked here: Baquaqua & Latinidad

Missionary Memoirs

    • Astrid Haas, “Mobilizing Missions: Nancy Prince’s Jamaican Sojourn in A Narrative of the Life and Travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince.” 43rd Annual SCS Conference, University of Central Lancashire, 3/7/2019.

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Up to date, the research has not resulted in any publications.

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